You too?

I’d like some feedback please, just a minute or more from the dozens of you who stop by.

Many people feel intimidated by C. S. Lewis. A bunch of people confess (usually to my well-placed spies rather than to me) to feeling intimidated by ME as I talk about the man. You too?

Tell me about the experience of intimidation surrounding CSL. I know when I read a really carefully-researched book about him, I feel as though I’ve never had an original thought about the guy, and that I’ve been nothing but lazy in my avid pursuit of everything I can get my hands on. You too?

And then I open the pages, and geeeez…the guy drops so many literary names, I think I’ll never have time for one tenth of the BEST of it. You too?

I mean, I got a little game when it comes to this author, but I’m wondering why this intimidation keeps coming up, and if it’s common to those who read this. So, please, put on your boots and take some time to post a comment, on this or something even tangentially related, woncha? Oh, and sorry for the very inside lil pun in that last sentence. Gold star if you got it.

Besides, it helps me to frame up and to understand my own experience when I hear those of others.

You too?

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