Where was God in Sandy Hook?

Sandy Hook Elementary School (image courtesy The Huffington Post)

I grow so tired of the question, “Where was God in Sandy Hook?”

Where was God in Sandy Hook?

He was there in every single closet and cupboard and bathroom, standing with those poor children, just as He shall the rest of their unfathomably traumatized lives. He will comfort and heal, long after we forget this terrible, dark day.

Where was He? He was standing beside those brave teachers, with Victoria Soto and Lauren Rousseau, with Kaitlin Roig and Anne Marie Murphy, with Mary Sherlach and Dawn Hochsprung, giving them courage and wisdom, and, far above all else, love. For without flinching, these unspeakably brave women gave up their lives as a testament to the truth that no greater love has any of us than if we will lay down our lives for our friends. And as we wonder at their courage, and wonder what we would do in their place, let us at least never again describe women as weak in any way, mind, body or heart.

Where was God? He was running down hallways, giving courage and words of wisdom to Theodore Varga. He was helping Maryrose Kristopik barricade her babies charged to her care, hugging them close and speaking softly to those young lives, striving to keep them from he terror only inches away. He was helping so many staff members.

And where is He now? Standing with the families and friends, who can only have barely begun to move from shock to a lifetime of mourning.

And still He shall stand with them, with us all, long after this slips from the pages of the news. And He will one day heal even this wound and, yes, wipe away every tear.

Where was God? Right where He always is. Beside us, beside you, beside me, to comfort and give life when our brains can barely contain the shock and sadness and utter lack of answers.

God is here, holding us as always in His nail-scarred hands. And He is weeping, just like at the grave of Lazarus, weeping for this lost and hurting world that He died to save.

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