A Week at the Wade: Monday, 17 March 2014

During the week of Spring Break, I’ve planned a week of research at the amazing Marion E. Wade Center on the campus of Wheaton College. I’ve visited many, many times over the years. Ever time I return, this place feels more like home.

This morning I arrived to a warm greeting by Laura Schmidt, and was delighted with a brief visit by Associate Director Marj Mead. I soon settled in to my seat and began to read all of the book reviews of Till We Have Faces as I hunker down to finally write my book.

In his letters, Lewis laments that this novel, a book he called “far and away my best,” had received such a poor response from his critics.

This morning, I’m compiling from the Collected Letters all of these comments; Laura has retrieved for me a thickish folder full of reviews so I can see why Lewis responded this way.

I’ve had an intriguing note from Charlie W. Starr this morning, helping me think more about the mysteries of Lewis’s best book, and hope to lend an archival hand to Don. W. King while here.

I’ll then move on to the Articles file and read this week as many of them as I can, and will also comb through the Dissertations on Till We Have Faces. I good lit review should get me well started.

I’ll also flesh out at least a skeleton outline of my book, tentatively titled, Illuminating Ungit: Unveiling the Deep Mysteries of Love in C. S. Lewis’s Last Novel.

It gladdened me to hear from Jerry Root, inviting me to corned beef and cabbage tonight; I’ve also planned lunch with Wayne Martindale tomorrow. And while at SAGA (the superlative dining commons), I ran into the man himself, accompanied by his lovely wife Nina. Kinder, sweeter people I think I’ve never known; they always prove to me what the Lord can do with a lifelong of surrender to His love.

I took these several pictures of the dining commons (or, as I like to call it, God’s Own Cafeteria) on our way back from lunch so you can see how the better half lives.

Phil Masters asked for shots of the campus, so on this perfect, chilly-blue day I did so.

If you have the time and inclination to pray, I’d love to have that support as I try to write this book.

Kindly signing off for now,


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