A New Year’s Prayer

My first words of this New Year–perhaps they’ll help?

Praise the Lord. Praise the name of the Lord. 
O good and gracious God, at the rising of this day, this new year, all our loves both new and old, in the midst of this good life,

Let the end of this day, this year, these loves, this life, find us ever praising You, marveling in Your manifold mercies and steadfast love, abounding in this earth and shed abroad in our hearts. 

Forgive and restore us when we fall, and bind up the brokenness of our bodies and the hurts of our hearts even as we return again to you, trusting in Your wise and sovereign plans for us we sometimes cannot see. 

Teach us today, O Christ, to take up our cross and to cling closely to You stumbling way of suffering, death, descent, and to Your rising up into a new, unending life. 

And let our lives, from the dawning of this day until we draw our final breath, bear witness with faith and in hope to your great love unto us and all in this wide world.

Help us too to find you as the Gardener in the morning, and strengthen us to be early up and about Your business, turning the dark earth into flower and food for the weary ones of this earth, even us. 

With our lips and all our lives we call You to come to us, abide with us, and make us Your body, Your broken hands of love healing all hurts, even as we lift up our hearts and hands to You. 

O, praise You Lord, and bless Your holy name from this day forth and to forevermore!

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