Mere Christians

C. S. Lewis continues to hold remarkable appeal to people from all walks of life, with books by and about Lewis remaining perennially popular. Arguably no author of the twentieth century has had a greater spiritual impact on more people than Lewis.

Here over fifty Christians share how meeting the mind and imagination of Lewis in his books sparked the beginning or changed the course of their spiritual journey. These inspiring reflections have been shared by ordinary laypeople as well as many well-known leaders and writers.

Contributors include Philip Yancey, Charles Colson, Anne Rice, Randy Alcorn, Francis S. Collins, Joy Davidman, Liz Curtis Higgs, George Gallup Jr., Walter Hooper, Thomas Howard, Jill Briscoe, and David Lyle Jeffrey. This unique celebration of Lewis’s spiritual legacy will be treasured by all those who treasure Lewis’s words.

Reviews of “Mere Christians”

“The distinguishing excellence of Mere Christians is its scope. There is something here for everyone. The range of ways in which the contributors to the book have been influenced by C. S. Lewis is as varied as the contributors themselves. The result is two for the price of one–an engaging fireside chat with fifty-five people telling their story and a many-sided portrait of C. S. Lewis and his writings.” – Leland Ryken, Clyde S. Kilby Professor of English, Wheaton College

“This excellent collection of testimonials to Lewis’s enduring influence is unusual for its depth and its breadth–depth for how profoundly his work continues to touch and turn around lives and breadth for how many and how diverse this Lewis-affected population is.” – Mark A. Noll, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

“I believe that Lewis would be pleased by the pieces in this collection. The heartfelt contributors notwithstanding, it is evident that their gratitude is ultimately for their life-changing encounter with the divine as Lewis primarily intended.” – Marjorie Lamp Mead, associate director, Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College